Soccer World Cup Stats

Statistical data about the FIFA World Cup including all-time standings table, all-time top scorers and other relevant information

Stats about the World Cups:


Full list of World Cup winners sorted by National Teams with more championships won and detail of years.

Stats World Cup by World Cup

Statistics for every Soccer World Cup including champion, games played, goals made, goal average and cards.

All-Time Standings

Historic ranking with accumulated stats of all the national teams that have played in the FIFA Soccer World Cups, with details of champions, points, games played, won, draw, lost, goals scored and goal diference.

All-Time Top Scorers

Stats showing the players who have scored more goals in the FIFA Football World Cups with total goals, tournaments played and national team they played for.

Top Scorers by World Cup

List with the players that scored the most goals in every FIFA World Cup.

Top Scorers by National Team

List with the players that scored the most goals for every National Team.

Most Games Played

Stats showing the soccer players with more games played in the Soccer World Cups with information about tournament, total games and National Teams.

Biggest Margins

List of World Cup games with the biggest margins of victory in the history of the FIFA World Cups with detail of National Teams, result and stage.