Sweden Players in the 1950 Soccer World Cup

Information about the complete roster of Sweden National Soccer Team in the Brazil 1950 World Cup with players, jersey numbers, position on the field, DOB, club and coach

Complete list of players from Sweden roster in the 1950 FIFA Soccer World Cup:

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Jersey Player Position
Kalle Svensson Goalkeeper Nov 11, 1925
Torsten Lindberg Goalkeeper Apr 14, 1917
Sune Andersson Defender Feb 27, 1921
Lennart Samuelsson Defender Jul 07, 1924
Erik Nilsson Defender Aug 06, 1916
Gunnar Johansson Ii Defender Feb 29, 1924
Arne Mansson Defender
Knut Nordahl Midfielder Jan 13, 1920
Olle Ahlund Midfielder Aug 22, 1920
Ingvar Gard Midfielder Oct 06, 1921
Egon Jonsson Forward Oct 08, 1921
Stig Sundqvist Forward Jul 19, 1922
Lennart Skoglund Forward Dec 24, 1929
Ingvar Rydell Forward May 07, 1922
Karl-Erik Palmer Forward Apr 17, 1929
Stellan Nilsson Forward May 28, 1922
Hans Jeppsson Forward May 10, 1925
Bror Mellberg Forward Dec 09, 1923
Coach: George Raynor

Total Players in Sweden Roster: 18

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