Bolivia Players in the 1950 Soccer World Cup

Information about the complete roster of Bolivia National Soccer Team in the Brazil 1950 World Cup with players, jersey numbers, position on the field, DOB, club and coach

Complete list of players from Bolivia roster in the 1950 FIFA Soccer World Cup:

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Jersey Player Position
Eduardo Gutierrez Goalkeeper Jan 17, 1925
Vicente Arraya Goalkeeper Jan 25, 1922
Alberto Acha Defender Apr 03, 1920
Jose Bustamante-Nava Defender Mar 05, 1922
Hector Saavedra Midfielder
Antonio Grecco Midfielder Jan 01, 1923
Antonio Valencia Midfielder May 05, 1925
Leonardo Ferrel Midfielder Jul 07, 1923
Duberty Araoz Midfielder Dec 21, 1920
Rene Cabrera Midfielder
Victor Ugarte Forward May 05, 1926
Victor Algaranaz Forward Apr 06, 1924
Mario Mena Forward Jul 28, 1928
Benjamin Maldonado Forward Jan 01, 1928
Benedicto Godoy Forward
Benigno Gutierrez Forward Sep 01, 1925
Juan Guerra Forward
Victor Brown Forward Mar 07, 1927
Roberto Capparelli Forward Nov 18, 1921
Coach: Mario Pretto

Total Players in Bolivia Roster: 19

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