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Peru Players in the 1930 Soccer World Cup

Information about the complete roster of Peru National Soccer Team in the Uruguay 1930 World Cup with players, jersey numbers, position on the field, DOB, club and coach

Complete list of players from Peru roster in the 1930 FIFA Soccer World Cup:

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Jersey Player Position
Juan Valdivieso Goalkeeper May 06, 1910
Jorge Pardon Goalkeeper Mar 04, 1905
Antonio Maquilon Defender Nov 29, 1902
Mario De Las Casas Defender Aug 12, 1905
Alberto Soria Defender Jan 24, 1900
Arturo Fernandez Defender Feb 03, 1910
Juan Alfonso Valle Midfielder Jan 01, 1905
Julio Quintana Midfielder Jan 01, 1904
Eduardo Astengo Midfielder
Placido Galindo Midfielder Mar 09, 1902
Alberto Denegri Midfielder
Domingo Garcia Midfielder Jan 01, 1904
Carlos Cilloniz Forward Jul 01, 1910
Luis Souza Forward Oct 06, 1908
Jorge Sarmiento Forward Nov 02, 1900
Jose Maria Lavalle Forward Jun 05, 1911
Pablo Pacheco Forward
Lizardo Nue Rodriguez Forward Aug 30, 1910
Demetrio Neyra Forward Dec 15, 1908
Jorge Gongora Forward Oct 12, 1906
Julio Lores Forward Sep 15, 1908
Alejandro Villanueva Forward Jun 04, 1908
Coach: Francisco Bru

Total Players in Peru Roster: 22

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