France Players in the 1930 Soccer World Cup

Information about the complete roster of France National Soccer Team in the Uruguay 1930 World Cup with players, jersey numbers, position on the field, DOB, club and coach

Complete list of players from France roster in the 1930 FIFA Soccer World Cup:

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Jersey Player Position
Alex Thepot Goalkeeper Jul 30, 1906
Andre Tassin Goalkeeper Feb 23, 1902
Nouma Andoire Defender Mar 19, 1908
Marcel Capelle Defender Dec 11, 1904
Etienne Mattler Defender Dec 25, 1905
Marcel Pinel Midfielder Jul 08, 1908
Alex Villaplane Midfielder Sep 12, 1903
Jean Laurent Midfielder Dec 30, 1906
Celestin Delmer Midfielder Feb 15, 1907
Augustin Chantrel Midfielder Nov 11, 1906
Marcel Langiller Forward Jun 02, 1908
Ernest Liberati Forward Mar 22, 1908
Andre Maschinot Forward Jun 28, 1903
Edmond Delfour Forward Nov 01, 1907
Emile Veinante Forward Jun 12, 1907
Lucien Laurent Forward Dec 10, 1907
Coach: Raoul Caudron

Total Players in France Roster: 16

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